Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thread Counting: Jeff Donovan

Thread Counting, a work in progress.

All works of art by Jeff Donovan are available at if ART Gallery, 1223 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC.

Contact Wim Roefs at or (803) 255-0068/(803) 238-2351.


confilm said...

Mr. Donovan,
I was once your roommate, and while it does not surprise me that your email address vomits back any attempts to reach you, I would think it in your best fiscal interest to have a way to communicate with prospective buyers of art objects forged by your own hand. Looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps filling a small space on one of the walls of my hovel with one of your pieces.
Mr. Dillman

Camera Guy said...


THAT is truly a wonderful piece of art brother! Love the character, the design, the execution - very unique. Congrads.

Mike Sherard